AABB Accreditation

PFDNA is a neutral third party specimen collector for a major laboratory accredited by the AABB which was formally known as the American Association of Blood Banks.

AABB accredited laboratories undergo rigorous scrutiny and are re-inspected annually.


DNA tests admissible in court or used for other legal purposes, like for immigration or military entitlements, must be conducted by neutral third specimen party collectors from an accredited paternity testing laboratory. Legal tests must be witnessed by a neutral third party (the neutral collector) with no interest in the outcome.

Photographs of the parties tested are required to help verify the identity of the persons involved in the test. Picture identification cards (driver’s license, passport, military ID, or other such ID) are required for adults and birth certificates for newborns. Other identification may be requested as deemed necessary or appropriate. Those being tested will be fingerprinted too.


Non legal paternity tests are known as “home”, “curiosity”, or “self administered”. These tests are useful when there are no known or potential legal issues. For example, an 86-year-young man called after his 66 year old daughter told him she’d just found out he may not be her biological child. She was already in the will, legally his daughter, their relationship was strong, and he had always wondered though he had never mentioned his concern to his daughter. They just wanted to know. So, here, a non legal test was appropriate, as well as being less expensive.


The fundamental difference between the a legal and non legal test is the “chain of custody”, which is the movement and location of physical evidence from the time it is obtained until the time it is presented to the entity requiring a legal test.”

In other words, the third party neutral specimen collector and other representatives of the testing laboratory must be able to testify and prove that the samples were under their control and not tampered with. Otherwise, testing results are not legally acceptable.

Proving test results have not been tampered with without a provable chain of custody is impossible when specimen samples are collected by the “home” or “curiosity” method.

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