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Rape victims should not have to pay their abusers, nor should other crime victims like Justin Bieber, Catherine Kieu’s husband, or the millions of paternity fraud victims.

Court to Rule Over Najran Baby Mix-Up Within Two Weeks, Arab News – Jeddah,Saudi Arabia adding that his client is skeptical about the DNA tests and would like them to be conducted again to prove his paternity beyond any doubt.

As the World Turns: Spoilers for November 12 to 16, BuddyTV – USA, Last week, Meg talked to the doctor in an effort to find out the paternity of her unborn child…

Is a woman guilty of paternity fraud if she puts the wrong man’s name on her child’s birth certificate? And should that man then be responsible for paying child support? Voice your opinion.

Child Support Obligations Of Non-Biological Parents, By Michel-Adrien(Michel-Adrien)… of the most contentious issue in family law today, both in Canada and other countries, the question of ‘who is a parent.’ The paper includes consideration of the way in which Canadian courts have dealt with cases of paternity fraud”…

The Parent Trap, on Dr. Phil, By Walter Schneider… I saw the fanatical feminist (Gloria Allred, America’s most prominent feminist attorney and president of the Women’s Equal Rights Legal Defense and Education Fund (WERLDEF)) who raved on about the feminist doctrine that paternity fraud…

Paternity Fraud, By Kimberly V… I had the opportunity to view the world from a man’s point of view. There seems to be a new social epidemic sweeping this country. We all have heard at least one story of man being falsely accused…

Paternity fraud and the invisible child, By Turney, Lyn; Wood, Paula…This article analyses Australian newspaper coverage of a landmark legal case in which a man sued his wife for ‘paternity deceit’. While the father and child’s relationship was central to the case, the way the story was framed as a… 

Bioethics – Paternity Fraud: Fatherhood, Child Support, and DNA, Bioethics – Paternity Fraud: Is Fatherhood Just a Matter of Biology? When a DNA paternity test shows that a man isn’t really the father of child he has been paying child support on, should he be required to continuing paying child

Yahoo! Answers – Wife Commits Adultry. 30 answers – I have been married over a year & 4 months now. My wife commits Adultry twice. My wife thinks she has every right to commit adultry becauseI

Catch Me Before I Fall – Rosie Childs, Product Reviews – London,UK… Being living proof of your mother’s infidelity wouldn’t really help either – here Rosie Childs explains what her life was like. Neglected and ignored whilst…

Infidelity: What’s it good for?, By Barry Artiste, Opinion. Barry Artiste, Now Public Contributor. As the Infidelity title states “Absolutely Nothing…

Why women give men ‘jacket’? Social pressure, financial security … Jamaica Gleaner – Kingston,Jamaica, Equally crucial to the paternity fraud debate is truth in relationships and the rights of the child in terms of his/her lineage and medical history…

What to do if You Suspect Your Spouse of Cheating on You, By Ruth Houston(Ruth Houston)…My research over the years indicates that what most people consider to be, intuition, a hunch or a gut feeling is actually their subconscious mind picking up subtle signs of infidelity. And studies bear that out. In one infidelity study

Infidelity Recovery: What is It with Men? By chickiekatcher… Robert Huizenga, The Infidelity Coach, has helped hundreds of couples over the past two decades heal from the agony of extramarital affairs and survive infidelity. Visit his website at: Article…

I WATCH HER MAKING LOVE, Sunday Mirror – UK…You are innocently witnessing either the outcome of a very open marriage or repeated infidelity and this puts you in a tricky position with the husband.

Child Custody–The Two Front War, Posted by Corpus Juris: Military men stationed overseas are often targets of unscrupulous women who target them with paternity fraud… also discusses military personnel being in jeopardy of loosing custody of their children…

Many Cheat for a Thrill, More Stay True for Love, survey shows fidelity can be a tough promise to keep..

Appeals court grants paternity test for doctor, by Bobby Kerlik, Tribune-Review (Pittsburgh, PA), “A doctor whose wife cheated on him and then became pregnant with a son for whom he now pays child support is entitled to a paternity test, a state appeals court has ruled…”

Nevada Senators grapple with bills on divorce, child support, by Joe Mullin, Associated Press Writer, “…AB117, which would create the misdemeanor crime of “paternity fraud,” typically where a man sends a friend or other impostor to take a required DNA test to determine who the father of a child is. Test-evading fathers and their impostor assistants can’t be charged under current law, although they can be held in contempt of court.” You won’t believe this one!

Proposal would let duped dads off the hook and Tennessee considers letting duped dads off the hook too.

Peron Paternity Claim by Woman Not Proved in First DNA Results; Sydney Morning Herald, Australia – But the research on so-called paternity fraud shows the situations are not black and white; they are messy and all too achingly human.

Paternity fraud ‘dad’ loses appeal, The Age, Australia – Nov 8, 2006The judges unanimously ruled that the case for paternity fraud brought by Liam Neale Magill failed. Three judges held that no…

Florida men get a break on false paternity. A new state law allows men a way out of child support payments when they can prove that they are not the child’s biological father!

Duped ‘dads’ seek relief. Legislation would reform rules on who pays child support to protect men forced to provide for nonbiological kids. Very good article by the Detroit News about a man paying huge sums for a parcel of kids not his. Discusses pending legislation to ensure Duped Dads don’t pay for the sins of the mother.

Ohio Supreme Court – No Limit on Proving Paternity, Cleveland Plaine Dealer, huge court decision in Ohio. The Ohio Supreme Court upheld a state law Wednesday that gives men unlimited time to use DNA proof that they are not biological fathers, which means they could stop paying child support…

Veterans Fighting Paternity Fraud, Good interview with Men’s Rights advocate and columnist Glenn Sacks regarding our military men and their vulnerability to paternity fraud.

LEGAL DNA test results is the best evidence. Don’t wait until It’s too Late!

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  1. My name is Giri Bahadur Sunar (39), Citizen of Nepal. I am a victim of paternity fraud from my girl friend and her legal husband, present they are living in 2 Allens Nantucket, USA.

    My daughter born in Nantucket USA in the year of 2013, in the beginning month of baby’s birth, both my girl friend and her legal husband were positive and supportive to me by showing my daughter in social network like skype and facebook but with the span of time, they have change their attitude toward me.

    Apart from that, they did not mention my name in the birth certificate of the born baby as I am the biological father.

    I am a victim of Paternity Fraud and they kept the child away from her rights to information, Rights to know her real father.

    I did try to contact some lawyer in USA but it is too costly to afford from Nepal and I am not reach enough to have legal fight with them. What about my Rights? What about those who has no money? Why reach people only deserve legal justice?

    Is there any way out so I can have custody of my child?

    Is it possible to have any type of US Government Support/ Free US Government attorney/NGO/Human Rights Organization/Child Rights Organization/Father Child Support Group who can provide me legal support without any financial burden?

    I am sending my blog with the detail of my case so you can understand me fully.

    Please check this out:

    It is not a new thing that one Nepalese is cheating another Nepalese, the interesting fact is that two fraud Nepalese husband and wife cheated the intelligent American Bureaucrat of Nantucket, the passport of the husband clearly shows that he has not travel outside the America before the 15 month of the birth of baby (2011-2012) and mother has not travel outside the Nepal (2009-2012) to conceive the baby. If they have done than there is passport to verify.

    A common man or even the uneducated person has clearly understanding that baby born within nine month or some time ten month but 15 month is more than enough. They have already cheated the US government, if anyone asks me to verify the allegation, in that case, I have everything to verify, the house owner and the neighbor where my girl friend and me live together more than two years, Face book, Viber, Skype and Gmail conversation records, Photograph and her stuff which I delivered to her home after her departure to USA. The DNA test could be final tools for the case, above evidence are more than enough to verify the case that her husband is not the biological father of the daughter.

    Thank you very much for your precious time and I am very much optimistic to establish my relation with baby.


    Giri Bahadur Sunar(Sociologist by Profession)
    Office mailing address: Building Design Authority (BDA) , Kamaladi
    Kathmandu Nepal
    Cell Phone No: 984314173

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